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CORE Riverbend



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Office Staff
Resident 2004 - 2005 Not Recommended
Reviewed 01/01/2006
First and foremost, AMLI is a very corporate centered living facilty. They do not really care too much about who or what lives here, just as long as they get their money. <br><br>We have been lied to from the start and I am thrilled at the fact that our lease will be up soon. They say that your appliances are brand new, they're not. our's were very used and when i told the maintenance man to note the various dings and dents in them from the previous owner, i told him that the staff told us that everything would be brand new, and he replied that they had not bought new applinances in years. THEY ARE STILL USING THE SAME LINE TO BRING US IN!!! <br><br>we were lied to about garages. we were going to start moving into a garage the day that AMLI said we could, and low and behold, someone's stuff was in it that they didn't even know was in it. POOR MANAGING is what i think it is. so someone had free rent for quite some time...anyway. they didn't even tell us. they waited until we had packed up all our stuff to put in the garage, and then they told us that they forgot to call us 2 days beforehand. they gave us an alternate garage on the opposite side of the complex, literally miles away. it was on a hill that is so steep that the door doesn't even close all the way on one side. NO COMPINSATION BY THE WAY. we said "fine we'll deal with this..." but we were promised to get the garage that we previously wanted by us after they found out who's stuff was in it. 4 months later i come home to someone moving they're harley into the garage that was promised to us. call the office???? yeah we did, they couldn't remember us.... <br><br>DON'T WASTE YOUR TIME HERE!!! THEY ARE PATHETIC.
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CORE Riverbend

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