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Darby Court



Resident · 2018 - 2019
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My apartment and my neighbors are excellent always quiet nobody is ever hanging out or creeping a nice mixture of races. However there is a huge problem at Darby Court they have a ant problem, my apartment is infested with ants. I moved in around May I have a ground level apartment I noticed a ant or two no big deal or so I thought. A couple of weeks go by and I keep seeing ants in the bedroom and bathroom both of which face the front of the building. One evening I killed a fly it landed on top of the dresser I got sidetracked and didn't get the insect up. The next morning I awake and there's a army of ants on the dresser and they're carrying the fly away ! I was in total shock I've seen this outside but never in my home but then again I've never had a insect issue. I notified the office they say they do treatments every Thursday and put me on the list mind you I just moved in so my apartment should've been sprayed and have zero insects. It's easier to inspect a empty space than one that has new carpet and furniture in it. I've since purchased ant baits and Ortho bug spray it's been a real battle that I thought I was winning until the winter came. It's winter time and the bugs have gone wherever bugs go for winter until management decided to turn on the heater in the hallway. This heater is extremely hot the hallway is sweltering it's hotter in the hallway than my apartment. I keep my heat at 77 degrees and it's still hotter in the hallway. So about a month after them turning that heater on guess what my ants are back! I have ants in the winter time completely amazing but it's true. they're in my bathroom again which just so happens to share a wall with the building hallway where the heater is. I don't know what to do I've spoken with neighbors and they have ants too.
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Darby Court

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