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Office Staff
Resident 2006 - 2007 Not Recommended
Reviewed 01/20/2007
I have alot of issues with these apartments and office staff especially the property manager. When we moved in our apartment it had a stench so bad it had my daughter and I trying to figure out what it was and where it was coming from. After the second day we came to the conclusion (after getting on our hands and knees) that the entry way and hallway was covered in cat urine. Also a stench of heavy smoking. I immediately told the manager when I went to sign the lease and she tried to convince me it was "new carpet smell" and she was snippy about it too (HMM I WONDER WHY THE CARPET HAD TO BE REPLACED) I was told she would send painters out (THAT WILL SOLVE THE PROBLEM Ha Ha) but it's been 7 months and 3 reports later and still nothing has been done. These apartments are so old and falling apart it's a joke and I am embarassed I live here!!! Our kitchen draweres are wood front and plastic base so everyone of them are falling apart (I'm sure they're original), our master bath shower was so discusting full of mold, mildew, grime, I had to clean with bleach 3 times before we even used it (with old plastic accordian style door) HORRIBLE I wanted to cry. My bathrooms get a stench from my neighbors horrible cooking (not the kitchen my bathrooms )and now we are smelling cigarette smoke in the bathroom also. I'm sure if I complained I will be blown off too. Residents are allowed to tie up there dogs and let them bark and run on leads. Speaking of dogs, (there are alot!!!) and you will find dog crap EVERYWHERE!!!! The person that said this is not a kid friendly place is definately right. They have a lot of older people living here and my first clue was no park. The pool was always discusting and needed to be cleaned (tile would have grime on it all the time) bathrooms were gross and I was afraid to walk with no shoes outside the pool it was nasty!! Everything is very outdated and in need of a serious overhall. People are allowed to do anything to there back porch so you can imagine the lovely way people choose to decorate!!! It's embarassing and when my dad comes in town I visit him at my brothers beacause I don't want him to see I live in the ------!!!!! Oh also we moved in the summer and the air condition wasn't working it was up to 90 so we checked the filter before we called maintenance and OMG it had at least an inch my husband says a couple of inches of dirt (it couldn't have been changed in several years) tells you how well the do on up keep. By the way it didn't help and they never came to see if there was a problem.
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