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5140 Emerson Village Place, Indianapolis, IN 46237
5140 Emerson Village Place, Indianapolis, IN 46237

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Emerson Lakes Village



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Office Staff
Resident 2008 - 2011 Recommended
Reviewed 08/18/2011
I have lived here since 2008. Seen lots of changes. I think that this site is for those who do not get their way. I did get the manager to tell me the management company as I was signing. I asked her about these reviews and her exact response was " We will do whatever it takes to take care of those people who have legitimate complaints." That her job was to help take care of her residents." I told her that this site had numerous complaints and she said that ther is one person with a true complaint, the rest are being handled with an attorney as they are being posted by an ex employees. She said that this site, even though anonymous, has been supeoned by an attorny to turn over all IP addresses. She stated that they are gong to proceute all false statments. She stated she doesnt even look on this site any more, that she goes by the numerous letters she has been given telling her they are happy she is making changes on the property as well as in the office. She stated that her new owners were out of Oregon, just purchased them and she happily gave the email address to a ----- and the email is [email protected] She said they were small company and had never been in the midwest before. I think everyone on here should think first before degrading others. I have a great apartment and I am sending this company an email about how better I think this place has become just since June 2011. Maybe you dont agree, that is ok. I love my apartment, and my kids love the new playground. God Bless
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Emerson Lakes Village

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