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Emerson Lakes Village



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Office Staff
Resident 2011 Not Recommended
Reviewed 09/13/2011
Do NOT rent here. My apartment is nothing special and because I work and travel so much, I really don't spend enough time there to really care. My problem lies with management. They are the rudest, most clueless bunch of people I have ever attempted to interact with. If you call the office, they will take your number and NEVER call you back. If you have a question or maintenance issue, they will take your number and NEVER call you back. If you get tired of not being called back, you can try to talk to someone in the office but it's always full of the various maintenance crews, standing around jabbering with the office girls. When someone finally notices you, they'll act like it's a pain in their butt to talk to you and rush you out of the office as soon as they can. I recently found out that I will be getting a job transfer and needed to find out what to do to terminate my lease. Because I'm being comp-ed for the move, it's important to know when and how things will work. The girl in the office had no interest in talking to me. After essentially forcing her to listen to my questions, I learned that management will not work with you on transfers. You will be milked for every last penny they can get out of you and a 30 Day Notice means 30 Days from the 1st day of the month, no matter what. So, I'm going to be moved before I can even give notice. As an extra bonus... my cars get broken into so often, I don't bother to roll up the windows or lock the doors anymore.
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Emerson Lakes Village

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