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Emerson Lakes Village



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IndyTrainer • Resident 2011 Not Recommended
Reviewed 12/07/2011
I lived at Emerson Village for 4 months and that was all I could take. Every bad review posted about them is 100% true and the authors are actually holding back a little. During the 4 months I was there, I actually stayed in my apartment only 2 or three times each week because I worked 3rd shift and was afraid to come and go after dark. I always paid my rent early and paid the $980 lease buy out and they had the nerve to hold my deposit based on oven cleaning and wallpaper removal. Funny, I never once used my stove for anything while I lived there and there was no wall paper in the place. I even had a cleaning person come in and clean after I moved out. The apartment was in such good shape, all they had to do was move the next sucker in there and I have date stamped photos to prove it. However, I'm just glad to be free of that mess and they can keep my deposit. I'm sure someone on their staff is putting that money to good use, it sure as hell wasn't used for cleaning or wallpaper removal.
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Emerson Lakes Village

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