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Emerson Lakes Village



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Office Staff
Resident 2010 - 2011 Not Recommended
Reviewed 02/05/2012
i lived at emerson village in 2011 on a hot summers day im sitting in my apartment home when i hear what sounds like someone letting air out of a tire out side my patio door i looke out my blinds and two gentlemen one taller and one shorter younger guy letting freon out of a air conditioner now im not a genious but i think that was against some kind of law my nephew does heating and cooling and he sais that is highly against the epa laws they did it until nothing was coming out he also said that can be harmful to my breathing especially with my asthma so he recommended i stay indoors and if they do it again just keep doors shut and close your windows and call him because ive called office about it and nothing was done i guess what ive come tto learn here at the great emerson village apartments is all the maintenance put together dont have a half a brain they also fixed my tub finally after me being without it for 4 days im so glad to be out of there you all suck !!!!!!!
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Emerson Lakes Village

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