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Fox Club



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Office Staff
Resident 2013 - 2015 Not Recommended
Reviewed 07/01/2015
This place is awful. Its July and the pool is still closed. The office staff are completely clueless. The office staff will never tell the maintenance about service requests you put in so nothing ever gets done. They try to sell you on all the amenities however nothing works; the "saunas" have never worked, the pool hasn't opened all summer, the gym equipment looks like its from the 80's/left behind from previous renters, the office staff told us to leave from the indoor basketball court even though we were both on the lease... This place is a joke. There are drug addicts everywhere. We've found used crack pipes in the parking lots around the complex. We regularly see drug deals and their immediate use in their cars. Teenagers go into the field to smoke weed. Cars get regularly vandalized; keying, bricks being thrown in windshields, etc. They just recently tried to instate some poorly executed parking pass rule now. It doesn't make any sense and they just hand them out to who ever. The kids around here are never supervised and use profanities constantly. They destroy the property also. If all of that wasn't enough to deter you, hopefully the bed bugs, cockroaches, and mice will. Its disgusting. The bed bug problem is so bad here, when you sign the lease they have you also sign a bed bug clause saying its not their responsibility to exterminate if you move into a bed bug infested unit. That's on you. TL;DR - DON'T MOVE HERE because of bed bugs, vandals, drug addicts, terrible office staff, and pretend amenities.
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Fox Club

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