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Office Staff
Resident 2016 - 2017 Recommended
Reviewed 01/22/2017
There are great things about this complex, and pretty lousy ones. I'll start with the pros: Location! I work in the heart of downtown, and it's amazing that I can live in an area that's like any urban town setting, yet be only 10 minutes to downtown. Anything you could ever want or need is within 15 minutes of driving, from Greenwood mall, Southport shopping areas, and even Avon isn't that terribly far out. Since the complex is south of Hanna Ave, the area is much better than north of the highway, and being a young female living on her own, safety is important to me. I live on the south face of the complex, and have very little traffic apart from my neighbors, no screaming kids, and the drug dealer next door moved away a few months ago and all is quiet. The size of the apartments for how much you pay is amazing as well. 800 sq ft for just over $600/month is a very rare find from my searches. I know many people have complained about major rat and roach problems, so I feel that I have lucked out in that aspect - I've only caught 3 mice this winter, and that was because the weather strip on my front door was falling apart, and no more mice once it was fixed. I've also never seen a single roach in my apartment. The location of my apartment may have something to do with it, as there's much less animal and people traffic, but that's just my own guessing. I've only seen the standard bugs you'd find anywhere like spiders and those long centipede things, eek! haha Ok, now for the cons: Office Staff. Complete jokes. Almost all --------- that do nothing but sit and act official but couldn't care less about the tenants. They have pushed my patience to the point of knowing exactly what lawyer I'll be contacting if one more major issue occurs. The only way I've found to get things done more on your schedule is to call non-stop, demand to speak to Stephanie, the current property manager, and be stern and serious when talking to them on the phone. However, the best and most direct way to get in their face and make sure they know you mean business is to walk in and go straight into the offices to your direct left and demand to see management. I've threatened lawyers on them, and called them out on breaking the lease agreement one time. I suggest gathering your legal resources/knowledgable people in your corner because you may very well need them. Thankfully I haven't had to yet. Make sure you thoroughly go through your apartment when you move in. The third party cleaning people they hire to "clean" apartments for a new tenant might as well have never come at all. I spent 5 hours cleaning my apartment on my move-in day instead of moving furniture, along with two other people helping me clean. Filthy, nothing was cleaned, broken glass, nails, cut wires on the floors. Hole in the carpet near the entrance door, not fixed because the carpet's only 2 years old (cheapskates!), and despite the carpet having been cleaned, it was done hastily and you could smell animals in the unit from previous tenants. I submitted pictures via email and called the office about this, and they took $100 off my rent for the next month. Carpet was never replaced, though, even though I've seen both of the neighboring units get brand new (and beautiful!) warm brown, modern shag carpeting and imitation hardwood floors. Also watch out for your pipes, both in the kitchen and bathroom. My toilet leaked, and was caulked and I haven't had a problem since. They'll have put a new lining in your tub/shower, but mine, after 6 months, has stained horribly on the floor of the tub. They also don't ventilate when they put these linings in, and when they did this to the unit next to me, the office said nothing could be done for the chemicals seeping through into my apartment, giving me severe headaches for a few days. Don't flush anything but toilet paper down the toilets, but that's basic knowledge. Test out your dishwasher, and don't take it for granted. The pipes in my kitchen have backed up twice since August, overnight/weekend "emergency maintenance" is nonexistent. My sinks and dishwasher flooded horribly (on a side note, I now know that the bottom of it holds about 15 gallons of water. I've scooped out about 75 gallons myself waiting for maintenance because when neighbors use their kitchen, the pipes reflooded. The office will hire a "professional", but all the old man does is use an industrial size snake pipe and fix the nearest clog. The entire piping system itself needs replaced, and the maintenance and office staff know this. The office just refuses to spend a single penny they don't have to. If they can find an easy, cheap way out, they will without hesitation. So I know I've written a book, but overall here's what you need to know about Fox Club apartments: The apartment size you get for the price is great (I have a 1 bedroom, $615/mo for 800 sq ft), you'll be close to everything, the south side of the complex is relatively quiet and I've had very minimal pest issues. You'll have to fight tooth and nail with the office staff to get anything done. You cannot just call once and think they'll do something. I marked that I would recommend this location to a friend, but you have to know what you're getting into, and investigate all you can before committing and signing a lease.
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Fox Club

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