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Greenway Apartments



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Office Staff
Resident 2017 Not Recommended
Reviewed 06/22/2017
I thought this was going to be a decent place to live but I was wrong. They are supposedly remodeling but since I moved in I haven't seen them do it. There are many gutted and empty apartments, some exposed to the elements. Majority of the time washers and dryers don't work. Maintenance staff do not know what they are doing. Laundry rooms are filthy. Was told my windows that have leaks and you can't even see out of were going to be replaced, i am still waiting after months. Was told landscaping was going to be done, trash cans put in laundry rooms, benches were going to be placed on property, were going to do assigned parking. None of these things have been done. They did pave the parking lot which was much needed. Residents throw trash all over the grounds and it lays there for days sometimes before finally getting picked up. The people who clean the stairwells do a horrible job, they don't sweep before they mop, they sweep with the mop in fact (saw them do it). Floor mats at entryway are disgusting. It seems pretty quiet here for the most part, people pretty friendly. Have children above me who run and jump and sound like they are dropping bowling balls! They do keep the grass mowed and appearance wise property looks pretty nice cosmetically on the outside.Make sure apartment is move in ready before you hand over any money. Otherwise they might not get things done you were told would be done. My apartment was pretty filthy, I had to clean it myself. Vacuuming, tub and tub walls, all surfaces, inside cabinets. There are worse places to live but I won't stay a second year here, there is no way. People in the office were very nice but it seems they change employees a little too much.
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Greenway Apartments

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