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Idlewood Apartments



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Office Staff
frenchfries • Resident 2006 - 2007 Recommended
Reviewed 01/28/2007
I first found this apartment after a hard day of doing nothing but looking at other apartments in this area. Compared to most of them (Waterstone being nicer) this place is mecca! If you don't opt for the fireplace or the vaulted ceilings, rent can be pretty low. In the winter, a little plastic and weather stripping keeps us pretty snug. <br>At the time I was moving in, my husband was overseas so I was completely alone in a new area. I loved the staff in the office because Trish, the lady I signed with, did everything she could to help me. She even sent in a maintenance crew for me between loads to fix a problem that was in the apartment. At my last apartment, my car was broken into every two months like clockwork. I've never had a problem here. <br>The maintenance crew seems friendly. Whenever I had a lot of stuff to carry in, one of them would be nearby and offer to help. Not so hot at getting things done properly though but they do try. Most of my complaints are cosmetic, like wanting the shower redone because where they fixed it (in a timely manner) the tiles don't match in color.<br>The bugs in the summer can be a little much but they're all harmless and I really have never seen a mosquito around here thanks to them! They keep the cat entertained though!<br>Parking really is my only real problem here. I do live right behind the clubhouse so that may have something to do with it but there is usually a car parked in front of my building that doesn't move for a few weeks. Whenever the office girls have one towed, another just takes it's place. But, if you look at it, has walking really ever killed anybody? If I have allot of stuff to carry, I just pull up to the sidewalk, unload, and than move my car. No biggie.<br>I've lived here almost a full year now and NEVER once have I felt unsafe to be home alone. I can see how having a first floor apartment with the low windows could give off the illusion of being easy to break into, but never has somebody tried it. Nor has anybody messed with my door or my car. Either this place has gotten allot better since the last review or some people just have bad luck.<br>I love it here. I plan on re-signing my lease next month and look forward to anther year. <br>
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Idlewood Apartments

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