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Idlewood Apartments



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HONESTY1ON1 • Resident 2005 - 2006 Not Recommended
Reviewed 01/30/2007
I lived in this apartment from April 2005-April 2006. I would say this it was the worst apartment I lived in. I went through hell the first 2 months. My first problem was i was told the apartment was clean. Boy, they were wrong. My second bedroom when it got hot had a bad odor. The apartments came to spray some carpet stuff thinking the smell would go away. No I complained for like a month to management. I did leave it alone for a while . FInally when it was for me to get my cable hooked up. I had to get my whole apartment rewired b/c someone cut the cable wires. Only one room was able to get cable. I had to get the the okay from management for Comcast to wire the whole apartment. THat took day<br>s.When I did finally get the okay the cable guy had to run cables under neither the carpets. When the cable guy pulled back the carpets we found cat litter and cat urine. I was very upset. I did go to the office , spoke to office manager.well so called office manager. Never wanted to return my phone calls. I finally received a phone call when i threaten to get the Indiana Health Department Involved. They Finally replaced half of the capets in the apartment. They we had to pour 2 bottles of bleach on the concrete. When I wanted to bring it to upper management. THe office manager refused to give me corprates number she stated that i didn't need it. LIttle did she know that I did my research of the corprate #. Even though when i tried to contact her boss. He didn't even let me explain how bad the customer service I was receiving from the management team was horrible. Then I had allot of problems with noise when i got home from working both my jobs. I did call the neighborhood security officer. He stopped it but when it came time to bring it management. The asistant manager stated that they couldn't do anything. I had a neighbor that threw things of her balcony grills,plants etc. THe office manager and assistant manager wouldn't do anything to fix the noise problems.
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Idlewood Apartments

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