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Office Staff
Resident 2004 - 2006 Not Recommended
Reviewed 02/22/2007
I initially posted the the review on 8/02 and I just wanted to add to my last posting. <br>After I posted that last review the pervert had came back a second time, mind you I hadn't stayed at my apartment since the first break in so it had been two weeks. I entered my apartment at about 4:30a.m. and immediately checked my back door and sure enough the perv had been back. I immediately called the cops and made what was now the 4 th police report since I had lived there. After the cop made his report I gathered some things and begin to leave, b/c of feeling unsafe, the perv had stolen my car with my keys that he had taken when he broke in. So within 30 minutes of my arrival my car was now stolen. Again, the cops come back out to my apartment to file a 5th report. My car was later found across the street in the Marsh parking lot with everything inside stolen. Which also lets me know that this perv lives in the complex to be aware of my 4:30a.m. arrival.<br>Oh and by the way the so-called apartment security was called both times my apartment was broken into and he never once showed up or called. <br>I did break my lease and move out that weekend with no help from the office. I took matters into my own hands and went directly to corporate with all 5 police reports. <br>I do still drive by this apartment complex from time to time in route to a friends and I've noticed that outside of my old building there is now a Crime Watch sign up. I'm curious if this was put up b/c of my instances or if there were more. I'm betting I wasn't the only one this perv done this to. <br>And to the perv if your out there and reading this, I hope you rot in hell you sick-o!!!!!
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Idlewood Apartments

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