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5707 Ivy Knoll Drive, Indianapolis, IN 46250
5707 Ivy Knoll Drive, Indianapolis, IN 46250

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Ivy Knoll Apartments



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Prospective Resident 2014 Not Recommended
Reviewed 09/16/2014
Here is my issue- We told the leasing agent up front my daughter was 18 and this would be her 1st apt she would be applying for. We were assured by Latoria that they give everyone a chance. My daughter makes very good money for being 18. 800 week!! and has had her job for almost 3 years- So we took the application with the app fee on a Saturday- We got a call sayng they needed her paycheck stubs even though we already gave them to the weekend leasing agent. The response we got was well I need to see them as well. How do you not see them when they are right in front of you? SO we had to email them in- Then I was told she would get approved but would have to pay a higher deposit which I figured anyways and we would hear back later that day. Never did- So my daughter calls and now they are telling her she needs a full deposit (which is fine) and the 1st months rent and a 100.00 admin fee to hold the apt!!! Who the hell does that!! We were told all she would need t hold the apt would be the 100.00 admin fee and all money has to be paid upon moving in- Wow - To much things around!! Maybe we will go over to one of their competitors that have already approved her and is not changing their story every 5 minutes!!!!!
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Ivy Knoll Apartments

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