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Jade North Apartments



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Office Staff
Resident 2012 - 2013 Not Recommended
Reviewed 07/17/2013
If you're looking for an apartment at an awesome location in Broad Ripple, it is hard to beat Jade North. It is within easy walking distance of everything, but just far enough off the beaten path that you can stay away from all the noisy drunks when you want to. You also won't find cheaper rent in this area, but there's a very good reason for that. To be blunt, this place is a kind of a dump! The apartments are extremely drafty, and they are heated with inefficient electric furnaces (not to be confused with heat pumps). The low rent stops looking like a good deal after a whole winter of $200 monthly electric bills. In the summer, the 30 year old air conditioners barely work. If you are in a third floor unit, your indoor temperature won't go below 80 degrees with the AC running nonstop. You will throw staggering amounts of money down the drain on electric bills, and your apartment will still be uncomfortable for 8 or 9 months a year. All the apartments have newly rebuilt balconies facing onto the inner courtyard, with a pool that is nice enough and never crowded. Also in the courtyard is the laundry room, where it costs $3 to wash and dry a load using machines that are always in varying states of disrepair. Some of the washers have hot water and no cold, others have cold but no hot. Which one you get will always be a fun little surprise! The problems aside, the complex and its surroundings provide a nice living environment. I've never had any problems with noise, nor have I experienced any crime whatsoever since I've lived here. If you are on a tight budget and you highly value the opportunity to live in a vibrant neighborhood like Broad Ripple, this could be the place for you. But before you decide to rent here, be aware that the low rent is not as good a deal as it seems.
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Jade North Apartments

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