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La Casa at Arlinton



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Office Staff
Resident 2008 - 2012 Not Recommended
Reviewed 09/03/2012
Been in this apartment 3 yrs as I'm not one to move all the time. In the three yrs I've been here matinance SUCKS there's always some kind of new management that doesnt do ANYTHING! There always making demands on how the apartments should look mind you there is always susage and garbage outside in the back of the apartments which bring an awful smell to the community!! They never fix anything and if they do it never stays fixed! We are moving when this lease is up I'm so sick of the maintenance and plumbing issues! It's now te holiday and I cant use my toilets and of course no one on call works here! I have a baby boy here and sometimes I get worried for his safty cuz things fall apart and nails will stick out and no one will come for weeks. HATE it here and now there trying to raise the rent on these SHOTY apartments it's rediculous! Walls are thin you here everything. Apartments are always being robbed and aomine was shot and died out back last yr i do not go sit outside often and my child doest play outside here! I'm out as soon as my lease is up! Disgusted!
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La Casa at Arlinton

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