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Lake Castleton Apartments



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Office Staff
Resident 2014 - 2015 Not Recommended
Reviewed 06/09/2015
Don't write a negative review, publicly, my neighbor did and she and her son found a eviction notice, she paid her rent monthly, she didn't inform them that she got a pay raise and they told her that all rent was going up, when she looked over her lease and realized they were hustling her she wrote about it on their page and the a few days later we were helping her pack, The maintaince sucks, we have called about the bugs in are bathroom and they showed up when my wife was in the shower when she told them to let her get dressed she went back to the door and they were gone, The maintaince will constantly leave ---- in your apartment as a reason to come in unanounced, not to brag but my wife is a Double D and attractive woman, she feels uncomfortable around them they constantly make comments, that mKe her feel uncomfortable, I worked at a appliance store for 4 years the washers and dryers are the lowest end you will find, 300 for a set and that is retail price. Yet they will charge you a hundred a month for a year because that's what they paid, your clothes will never get dry, and the public washer and dryer are a joke I have complained many of times they told me I am sorry I will take that off your rent, the dryer ripped my blanket apart a 200 dollar bed set they said we will fix it, they have not, The office is so ------, if you have a problem you better settle it yourself, because they won't, we told them that a kid was shooting a BB gun at the pool they replied with well watch out, I have a 3 month old daughter, watch out doesn't work, I pay my rent, and this kid was like 9 where were his parents ohhhh who knows, the pools a F ing daycare, or where teenagers come to chill and smoke, when I old the office about the drugs they said not our jobs call the cops, told them the old people who used to live here had a key they waited to change it til money was stolen, their reply was we always change it idk how they got in bull ----, they don't change them unless they thing it is a threat. Oh and the office always finds a reason to close early on rent day, late fees for everyone, not a joke, I have lived her 9 months never are they open the full day,
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Lake Castleton Apartments

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