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Lake Castleton Apartments



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Office Staff
Resident 2015 Not Recommended
Reviewed 09/26/2015
Lake castleton is nothing more than a rack and definitely the office staff are liars .especially" -------------" is definitely a lying piece of garbage and a liar so watch her, when you talk to her lying --- make sure you record her because her word is ---- and don't mean ----. She's a swindler and just out to make a commission her goodwill style and trashy car shows it so the only way the ----- can make a sale is lie and then turn around and play dumb like she don't remember what she said so the lying sack of ---- can't make a living being honest, so lying and playing dumb is the only way her trashy --- can do so. So before you come to these apartments beware of "-------------" Because she is the ----- with no heart, apartments are nice but the office staff sucks and this ----- is a definite looser. Can't wait till the lease is up because we're running for sure, I would never recommend these lying, dishonest -------- to anybody, the only thing I recommend is you keep driving and don't stop. "-------------" you better hope that one of the tenant's that you lied to with your dishonest --- don't be standing outside waiting on you -----. Maintenance staff sucks and very dam lazy, rent go up every year, the appliances are so out dated but they will lie and tell you that their new which is a lie, ducks poop everywhere, they are very unprofessional. I've been here 6 mths and cannot wait until this lease is up, worst community ever!!!!
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Lake Castleton Apartments

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