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Lake Castleton Apartments



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vanrooysucks • Resident 2005 Not Recommended
Reviewed 09/11/2005
I went in yesterday to inquire about a 2 bedroom apartment and spoke with Meredith. She showed me floorplans and we discussed prices and everything... And she was real comfortable with me having that 'expensive' apartment until I mentioned that I'd like to have an apartment close to a bus stop, because I'd be taking the bus to work every day. Then her attitude toward me totally changed. <br>About two minutes later she said, "do you really NEED all this space?" and starting implying that maybe this apartment was a little much for me. I told her that I didn't NEED that much space but it would still be nice to have it, and I wanted the washer/dryer connects which only come in the bigger apts... She told me to think about it. Then suggested it might be better if she referred me to one of their "sister communities."<br>In other words, now that I ride the bus, I am poor and can no longer afford to live in their community, nor do they want me there. <br>I called and spoke to her supervisor (allison) when I got home, told her what had happened, and of course her response was "wow - we've never had a complaint before! We have lots of tenants here that ride the bus! Meredith would never say something like that!" Being totally fake!<br>She offered to meet with me the following day, so I came to see her, thinking that she might want to do something to rectify the situation. But all she did was show me the apartments and try to push me into filling out an application. I told her I was still put off by the way I had been treated and didn't want to fill one out yet, and she said 'well, we have a special today- we'll put your application fee toward your first month's rent!' <br>I've been in Indianapolis for 20 years and I know very well that they can flat out waive that application fee without blinking... especially a huge corporation like AIMCO... But she still wanted to treat me like I'm stupid... <br>And as we were leaving the complex, there was a HUGE banner out front that said SPECIAL: NO APPLICATION FEE!<br>My friend told me about this website so I thought I'd check it out. Every bad review they've had has mentioned the staff being snotty b-----s and believe me, everyone is right!!!!!
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Lake Castleton Apartments

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