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6335 Sandyside Drive, Indianapolis, IN 46268
6335 Sandyside Drive, Indianapolis, IN 46268

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Lakes of Georgetown



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Resident 2018 - 2019 Not Recommended
Reviewed 05/19/2019
My apartment flooded due to their negligence of not keeping the maintenance up on the fire sprinkler system and it busting, flooding my entire apartment under 2-3 inches of water. They had people come in and suck up some of the water and put fans down which have now been here 6 days running. I asked them to help pay the electric bill and they acted like none of this was their problem. They said to turn it into renters insurance. So now my whole life is under water and I'm having to clean up THEIR mess with no help. I have done at least a dozen loads of laundry, lost a day and a half of work, and have lost quite a bit of my possessions including photos I'll never get back. And can't even get a call back from the parent company. On top of all this they took 45 minutes to respond when I was calling, frantic, that water was rushing into my apartment and then the guy showed up with no keys to get in the maintenance closet nor any tools. And then he told me that this same thing happened to the last tenants in my apartment. That means they are clearly NOT keeping up with the maintenance on this as they should.
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Lakes of Georgetown

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