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Lakes of Georgetown



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CajunDude21 • Prospective Resident 2007 Not Recommended
Reviewed 11/09/2007
Wow! I thought I was the only one Lakes of Georgetown was rude too. This is surprising and alarming that nothing is being done about Lakes of Georgetown representatives' unprofessional and unethical conducts. I am Deaf and have been ambushed by this lady's belligerent attitude. I put in an application for their 1 bedroom apartment August 11th. The representative told me I have been approved for the apartment and it is ready for me to move in. All I need to do is clear my debt with my previous apartment in Fort Wayne/New Haven. I drove to New Haven to take care of this debt quick and back to Lakes of Georgetown with the receipt. I sat down ready to sign the lease. The lady told me on paper she could not do the paperwork today (August 25th). She will get back to me when she can. I wrote back to her on paper, No I want it today, let's go get the paper rolling. She wrote back with anger, NO NOT TODAY! Stared at me angerily and jammed her hand in her hip. Im thinking to myself...Wait a minute! I paid an application fee of $25, They did a credit check, I had my $200 deposit in my hand, the apartment is ready and she cannot do my lease? I left and went to another apartment and got an apartment the same day. Get this! I get a sign language message from Lakes of Georgetown in the middle of October, October 10th to be exact and again 2 days later, that they are ready for me to come in sign the lease If I was still interested. Is Lakes of Georgetown a joke or what?! After all what this lady did and she has the audacity to call me? I show her how write angerily and jammed her hand in her hip, she can throw my application in the TRASH! As far as Im concern.
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Lakes of Georgetown

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