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Lockefield Gardens



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Office Staff
Resident 2004 - 2006 Recommended
Reviewed 02/03/2007
I lived at Lockefield for two years, while I was a student at IUPUI. You cannot be the location, if you are also a student. This is definitely an upside and worth paying a little more for (in my opinion). The apartments are very spacious. They are old however, and I could often hear neighbors (especially the dog below us!), but not usually an excessive noise. Parking wasn't usually too much of a problem. The front desk was usually fairly helpful (although not that intelligent). <br><br>Maintenance was a little odd. They were either there to fix your problem within an hour or you had to call back to remind them you had put in a request a couple of days ago. However, they were usually prompt with once you called the second time. One time maintenance was in our apartment (and I was also there) fixing our washer and ended up getting water EVERYWHERE (it was leaking through the ceiling into the apartment below us). I am pretty laid back, so I wasn't too upset, except for the fact that they weren't very apologetic. They ruined many pictures I had hanging in the hallway and never apologized. They just joked around about how their boss had told them they should have drained it out before they began (haha, right?). Our washer was also broken for about a month s time and they offered to give us $30 off in rent that month. Considering we spent more than that at the laundry mat (not to mention all of the extra time), I thought this was inconsiderate. <br><br>Also, one night my sister's car got broken into and her laptop, among other things was stolen. I didn't usually consider Lockefield to be unsafe, but I also would keep alert to my surroundings and my stuff hidden and locked up. This is the only negative incident I had with safety in two years. <br><br>Last but not least...the pool is very nice, but is usually crowded everyday of the week with college students who must not have to work or go to class in the summer. It's looks nice, but not really that enjoyable if you want to relax at the pool. <br><br>I don t think any apartment complex excels too well in customer service. If you are going to IUPUI and don t mind the usual annoyances that go along with renting, I think you will enjoy living at Lockefield. <br>
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Lockefield Gardens

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