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Maison Gardens



Resident · 1995 - 2001
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Office Staff
I lived there for 6 miserable years and believe me not by choice. SUSIE (apartment manager)is the worst of the worst she would blocked my every attempt to move by giving me a bad review every time a new leasing agent called. The first 2yrs were bearable then the whole place really went down. Me and my two children felt trapped. An extremly old man that lived below us would fall asleep constantly with stuff on the stove turned up on high. I lost count how many times I had to call the fire department because of clouds of smoke in my apartment. I was afraid to ever leave my children alone to go to the laundry room for fear the place would catch fire. Got little to no help from property staff who pretty much dismissed me or the police and fire department whom I had to call many times . And as far as the apartment manager SUSIE is concerned the women is seriously (and I mean SERIOUSLY) disturbed. I have never met someone so spiteful, condescending and just plain old rude for absolutley no reason at all. Between that and the ever growing number of illegal -------- that would just stand around in groups on the sidewalk and make cat calls at any female walking by (including my then 8yr old daughter), the gun shots at 2 in the morning or the constant news of apartments being broken in to. It was all we could do to endure until I found a place that did not believe all things SUSIE said and gave me a chance. And Im telling you that was not easy, getting out of there almost like making a jail break. The yrs spent at pinnacle square were at best psychologically damaging to myself and my children who to this day I think never truly recoverd. YES PEOPLE living there is just that bad its truly a dangerous place to live. If you value your family or yourself please PLEASE do NOT move there.
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Maison Gardens

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