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Maison Gardens



Resident · 2005 - 2008
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Office Staff
I've been here for 3 years and it has pros and cons. My car was stolen about 6 months after I moved in. But the doors were unlocked so I made it easy for the undesirables of society. I actually care about my child and how she is being raised so I would never let her go outside and play with the bastard children that are in this place. They cuss and fight and will grow up to be hoes and drug dealers. The --------- have never bothered me. They just play their d*% circus music too loud. I don't mind on weekends but during the week I call the police. They respond quickly and the music gets turned down. Probably have to do that once a month. The maintenance fixes everything usually same day very rarely the next day. I've never had a bad experience with Susie but I've not had to deal with her too much. I pay my rent every month on time or early and that's the only time I see the office staff. There are dogs everywhere. They aren't wild, it's just ------ azz people that own them that let them crap everywhere and be out terrorizing the apartments. I stay to myself, pretty much go to work and come home. I don't know any of my neighbors names nor do I care to. They will probably spend the rest of their lives out here. These apartments are a nice stepping stone. It's cheap so you can save your money to get the hell out. The people who make it bad will never get the hell out. What can you do? *shrugs* Some people live lives of contention.
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Maison Gardens

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