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Maison Gardens



Resident · 2012 - 2013
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Office Staff
the good: So i spent several months looking for an affordable, small apartment for 1 person. I liked the Lawrence area, but i did look all over indy. their prices are reasonable. their application process is fast. they dont work with evictions to the best of my knowledge, but i could be wrong. Pets are accepted, there is a pet deposit $100~ish, $15/mo. my unit was a bit dated, as far as appliances go, but the stove/oven is the best ive used in an apartment! Always plenty of parking, the office staff has been very nice and helpful thus far. Maintenance is fairly prompt. I havent delt too much with neighbors, as i tend to keep to myseslf anyway, but everyone seems friendly , waving, saying hello, etc. random jogger stopped to lend me a hand on the day i moved in. how cool is that?! the courtyard of my building is actually quite pretty. I live in the back, so there isnt as much traffic coming and going. the bad: while its not as overrun as some apartments ive lived in, there is a bug issue. 'water beetles', roaches, spiders, wasps and true bumblebees are prevalent. enough that you dont want to leave food out to attract any of the above, but the most ive seen , as far as roaches, is 1-2 at a time. and they are fairly big, so its hard to miss them. i would call it an acceptable level of bugs for a ground floor economy apartment. they do have an exterminator that comes out once a week, just have to tell them you want on the list. noise- i am on the first floor of a 2 floor building. my upstairs neighbor tends to stop around, but i attribute that to their general size. i had an opportunity to explain that i work nights, so they have been trying harder to not bumble around quite so much or so early in the day. in addition to that, there are kids all over the place. i dont care for them myself, but just sayin. you want to make sure that if you get something delivered, that you be sure to note NOT to leave it at the door. it will be stolen. As far as general appeal to the complex- it has seen better days. there are several 'abandoned' buildings ; they had some tornadoes a couple years ago that did some significant damage to many buildings that are now boarded up. the complex was recently purchased, so heres to hoping they put some $ into fixing those up. drama- do not get caught up in the hood drama. mind your own business, and be respectful to others. thats the only way thing. s in this neighborhood will turn around. its not as bad as it was, but theres still issues. whatever new thing the bug man has been doing, its working. I will say this: its complete -------- that they enter your unit whenever, and without any kind of posted notice. indiana law says they must give reasonable notice. the lease says at-will. id dispute that part. just sayin. nothing like scrambling for a robe just as the door pops open so they can check the smoke detectors. in summery: if you like, or dont mind, living in -------lite, then this is the place for you. you get what you pay for. all in all, i like it here. Edit: the newly renovated apartments are pretty sweet.
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Maison Gardens

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