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Maison Gardens



Resident · 2014 - 2015
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Office Staff
I first just want to state that the person below me most likely is not a renter. Amenities? What amenities? There's a pool and some laundry rooms....yay..... Anyway -- let's just give you my entire experience here in the mere 3 months I have lived here thus far. 1) Wasn't able to move in the day I was supposed to be able to because I was told I had to have blank money orders in order to move in and so driving across country I wasn't about to just have blank money orders. When I got here my bank limits wouldn't let me get all that was needed. I could get all but $250 and told them well here I can get you this and bring the additional $250 in the morning. Granted, not their fault that my bank was jacked up, but they knew where I lived. They could have kicked me out the very next day if I didn't bring the money but nope. Wouldn't let me move in. So instead I slept in my car in this shady --- neighborhood because I just couldn't afford to get yet another hotel room. Fantastic customer service right there I tell you. 2) When I did move in there were cockroaches before I even had any of my stuff in here. Haven't seen any lately, but I'm sure they are still here. 3) Although everybody involved said everything was ready to go, my heat was not on and I was told it would be 3 days before they could get anyone to turn it on. Granted it isn't as cold as it is now, but it was still cold. Thankfully the maintenance guy did give me a little space heater for my bedroom in the meantime. 4) Tried to get Comcast squared away for internet because I need to work from home and got the run around for TWO MONTHS. The lady I was referred to told me "Oh the previous tenants didn't pay their bill so since it's all already pre-wired we need info from your apartment complex that you are a new resident and not them trying to restart it in another name." Fair enough. Two weeks went by and every single time I called the Comcast lady she would say oh we are waiting on info from you complex still. Contacted the complex and they said they had already sent what was requested but that it's normally the resident's responsibility and they are trying to make my life easier. Oh thanks. After two months nobody felt the need to respond so I ended up getting AT&T the next day after I called them even though that's not what I wanted, but whatever it's better than nothing. 5) Started hearing really loud banging noises from the pipes downstairs and reported this to the complex. Nobody responded to me for two days after I complained a second time. The banging is so loud it shakes the whole apartment and keeps me up all night because it sounds as if someone is breaking in. A week later contacted them again saying hey what is being done about this because it's unbearable and there is no way to sleep with the loud banging noises. They said oh maintenance was working on pipes over there and they said it's natural for old pipes to make noises due to air pockets. Well regardless....two weeks have now gone by and this is still not fixed. 6) As of Sunday there has been hot water pouring from the roof so I am assuming other pipes are busted up there. This now falls onto the ground and there's a solid 3-5 inches of ice on the sidewalk, and my steps, as well as now into the parking lot itself. It's been nonstop since Sunday and it's now Friday, but that's perfectly normal I would say.........right. 7) My heat went out on New Years Day. Called Citizens instead of the apartment complex because I figured I would get better results and action from them. They did come out and said I have gas and everything seems to be fine, messed with it a bit and it miraculously came on. Very well. They said next time just call maintenance. Well it went out again this morning at 2:30AM. Tried to mess with it to get it to come back on, but no luck. Sent a maintenance order at 11. Hadn't heard from anyone by 3:15 so I emailed the property manager with all of my complaints. No answer from her and no maintenance. Emailed the other girl I deal with and she didn't respond, but about 15 minutes later maintenance showed up. One guy found there was something holding the door open so it was probably allowing air in to blow the flame out. Ok fine. 45 minutes later it is out again. Called the complex and they said ok we will send maintenance back out there. That was 45 minutes ago. It's 9 degrees outside..... Edit for following day: It's now been 36 hours without heat when it gets below 0 at night right now. I've put in numerous service requests and had them come out 4 times yesterday. The last time they came all the man said was "oh...well I will have to come back tommorrow." So what exactly are you suggesting I do on this below 0 night? Go without heat, ok no problem. Put in another service request and even called them two hours ago saying nobody has still been by to fix this....still waiting. Super. 8) Last but not least THIS IS NOT A SAFE AREA. Don't let the "newly upgraded new landlord" stuff fool you. There are constant cops out here arresting someone. Guns were shot off on NYE very close to my apartment and nothing was ever done. Even Pizza Hut and all other pizza joints will not deliver here because they have been robbed too many times. So you tell me - would you want to live here? Don't fall for the niceness of the apartment itself. You're going to end up regretting it if you do.
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Maison Gardens

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