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Maison Gardens



Resident · 2013 - 2014
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Office Staff
I have lived in Maison Gardens since early 2013 and I can tell you to not waste your time. The "new" management is completely inept. I have emailed them multiple times with multiple problems ranging from wasps nests to no hot water. No one ever responded. The current apartment manager, Shawn, is utterly useless. She is rarely here and when she is all she does is fire off lease violations if you complain about her or the complex. The consistently keep turning the hot water off with no reasoning or even any notification. If you do need to actually get something done through maintenance you pretty much have to email VTT management that Shawn and all her little cronies have to report to or it will never get done. This complex is a joke and the management is just a bunch of warm bodies that are placed in the main office to make it appear that they are actually doing their jobs. This entire complex should be condemned torn down and re-built with actual "current" amenities not the same junk from the 80's that you just re-paint and pass off as new. Not to mention that there was a dead body dropped off by the dumpsters and that murder case is still unsolved. Save yourself time and trouble and just look for any other complex to live in. Also the laundry facilities are pretty nasty. For one the door that is supposed to be on an automatic lock has been broken for months and anybody can just walk in whenever they want and steal your clothes. The hot water leaves rust stains all over your clothes. This entire complex is one big joke. However the only people laughing are the management who get to sit on their asses and collect paychecks for doing nothing at all.
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Maison Gardens

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