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Marcy Village



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sethkreigh • Resident 2004 - 2005 Recommended
Reviewed 04/12/2006
Marcy Village is a very nice complex, and I would definitely move back. I had the largest 1 bedroom available, which had been renovated with a new kitchen and bathroom. The mold that everyone is talking about is actually just mildew, I think. The bathrooms don't have any ventilation b/c they were built in the 1930's. You have to either crack the window in the bathroom or keep the bathroom door open. The biggest problem is that the window sill is in the shower and wasn't constructed all that well. The tiles aren't angled to drain into the tub, rather they angle towards the window and collect water. Mildew does develop easily, but if you clean your bathroom every week or two it isn't a problem at all. The only other problem that I had was with the drains clogging, when I called for someone to take care of it, it was always done the same day. I did have a couple of problems with a neighbor's plumbing. When maint. fixed it, the pipes would flush into my apartment. I called the office and maint. came over and cleaned up the mess in my sinks.<br><br>The gate is completely worthless. In addition to it being open 24/7 during the winter and the tailgating, EVERYBODY knows the code to the gate. The gym isn't very nice b/c there is limited equipment and what little they do have was broken for virtually the entire time I had my lease. The pool is often crowded with neighborhood kids, but shortly before I left, the mgmt. implemented some type of system and new rules to help prevent this. I don't know if it worked or not. The biggest complaint that I had is that the mgmt. is HORRIBLE at salting the sidewalks and steps in winter. I slipped and strained my ankle in February and it was almost a week before they finally salted the walks. They don't salt a path to the carports or where the water pools inside the carport due to the bad roofs.<br><br>The parking is definitely a problem if you try parking in front of your building, but more spots are available behind the buildings and aren't terribly inconvenient. I chose to pay $15/mo. for a carport and only had 3 problems with people parking in it in the 13 months that I lived there.<br><br>The staff is very nice and pretty competent, though it seems some of them are new at property mgmt. The complex also has free broadband internet. The stability of their network got quite a bit better by the time I left. It went down occassionally for a day or two, but it's free so I won't complain. Only other problem that I had was that my storage area was broken into once b/c I had an empty DVD player box in view, but nothing was stolen b/c I didn't have anything of value in it. Overall, it was a really good experience.
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Marcy Village

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