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Marott Apartments



Resident · 2009
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Office Staff
If you read most of these reviews it sounds like there selling the place for instance ( The lavish chandelier in the front entrance is breath taking. The parking is great and the staff is knowledgeable ) Horse ----!!! I lived here for 4 years and I had trouble parking. I had trouble with the ------- office. Some ------ maintenance man who gets stoned with the managers daughter. Who works for her mom???? WTF Seems a little un fair to have your mom as a boss. The security sucks. There is this lady who talks on the phone so much. Like seriously at least 8 hrs a day. I had her let me in the gym when i forgot my keys she hung up and grabbed her cell phone. The catering company gets the parking lot on Fri. and Sat. Elevators don't work and the office manager tries to sugar coat everything. ( No honey its normal to have your fridge leaking ). No its not. The staff is the worst they cant ever answer a question. The building looks good the dull yellow apartment doesn't. I don't care about the building i care about MY apartment. The staff is like all got some defect. one has anger management problems and the others just get worse. Mr Van Roy has no F**king clue what really goes on. The office manager may have un tucked her colon to blind him?? DO YOURSELF A HUGE FAVOR DON'T MOVE HERE. i USE TO LOVE IT NOW WISH I NEVER MOVED IN.
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Marott Apartments

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