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Marott Apartments



Resident · 2009 - 2015
Rating Breakdown
Office Staff
DO NOT LIVE HERE. RUN IN THE OTHER DIRECTION! While this building is gorgeous and in a really neat location, it is not worth all the hassle. Management staff is horrible! Especially ------------. As you will see from other reviews, she is just the worst. Doesn't care about residents, will do anything to get you out, and is just plain mean. After 6 years living here, she is the reason I left. I couldn't take the verbal abuse anymore. Here is a list of things that happened to me over the 6 years: 1. AC problems. You share one large AC for the entire building. When you live on the 11th floor, on a hot July day, let me tell you, it is not pleasant. 2. Cracked tub because it is so cheap. Maintenance solution. Let's paint it over. 3. Maintenance left my door unlocked over the Thanksgiving holiday week. Never fear! ------------ turned that one around on me. (BTW they were fixing my tub again.) 4. Cracked tub. Did I mention that one yet? Never got fixed correctly. 5. Mold on the ceiling of my coat closet. Covered the entire ceiling. Had to replace the whole thing. 6. Cracked tub. Yup again! Happened over and over again. 7. Old drafty windows. They fixed the ones in the north building but not mine. During the winter cold snaps, my heat bill went $$$$. 8. Just for fun, let's have maintenance leave my door ajar and unlocked. AGAIN! Aren't they responsible?! Maybe they should spend less time outside smoking and more working. 9. Let's raise your rent $100! 10. And finally that cracked tub. Never got fixed. On my floor alone, there were 11 apartments. It was a constant parade of people moving in and moving out. I was the longest resident in 6 years. Could be because they seem to let anyone in. None of them good residents. They had some pot smokers (or other illegal drugs) that lived on the floor for quite some time. They did nothing about it. Did I complain to VanRooy corporate office? You bet. They could care less. It is a shame because this is a really nice building. Has a lot of potential. Just not taken care of very well. And management staff could use some serious help. I beg you to run in the other direction. DON'T LIVE HERE! You will regret it.
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Marott Apartments

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