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Meridian Lakes Apartments



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Office Staff
Resident 2014 - 2015 Not Recommended
Reviewed 02/10/2015
The girl who lives below us had been robbed twice while living here (where is the so-called security guard?), another friend who lives in the back of the complex got robbed, and I almost got the tire stolen off the back of my tracker by having the tire cover slashed- there is NO "SECURITY GUARD"- he does nada. Also my husband said that he previously got his car broken into and at the time there were "security cameras" up at the office (we live right in front of the office) he asked to check the footage and it turns out they were not real... isn't that illegal to have fake security cameras up? This is not a safe place.... One day we came home and noticed a bunch of water on the first floor carpet entryway. We called maintenance and found out our neighbor upstair's water heater overflowed downstairs into 2 peoples apartment. One guy just moved in that week and the other girl is the one that was robbed twice. They didn't pay to put them up in a hotel while their apartment floor (carpet) was soaked! They told her they were coming to "clean her carpet" when they just lifted a corner up and stuck a fan to dry the carpet. She had to sit on her bed the whole night because she couldn't walk around her apartment. They also told her she couldn't turn the heat on (this was December and freezing cold out) or mold would grow. How inhumane. Our entryway smelt bad for weeks and they def just tried to cover of the stench and did not fix the problem how they should have. THEY DO NOT CARE ABOUT THEIR RESIDENTS!!! Also our refrigerator stopped working on a Saturday and we didn't get a call back from maintenance until Monday. Yes, it is cheap and we def pay for what we get. It is like Walmart good prices but low customer service. We cannot wait to move out.
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Meridian Lakes Apartments

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