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Meridian Lakes Apartments



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5Aptdweller • Resident 2009 - 2010 Not Recommended
Reviewed 09/15/2010
I lived at Meridian Lakes from July 2009 to July 2010 and I will be completely honest in this review. There were some good things about this place and many bad things. I loved the location b/c it was close to all the stores on 86th st. I rented the junior apt and though it was very tiny it suited a single woman with very little furniture. I liked that everything in the apt was electric and I didn't have to mess with a gas bill. The building was sound and I never heard any noise from the neighbors. Now some of the bad and annoying things I dealt with living there. Please note, other than maintenance issues I never bothered calling the leasing office for much else and I paid my rent on time every month so there was absolutely no reason for them to be so rude to me. This just says to me that they DO NOT CARE ABOUT THEIR RESIDENTS. For example, when the breaker for my electricity went out, they accused me of not paying my electric bill, told me they would call when it was fixed and never did and when I asked if I could get $50 knocked off my rent for the month for the inconvenience and the food I lost for not having electricity for a few days they said they don't do that. I asked for the management office number (meusing management) and they didn't want to give it and actually told me that if I called they wouldn't return my call. I called repeatedly and they never returned my call. Another fun issue I had was when my hot water did not last longer than 10 min. when I called they said they would send someone out to look at it. I got home that day and found the door open to the closet with the water heater so I assumed someone came to fix it, they are supposed to leave a note if they come to your apt. I called a week or so later to ask if anyone did come b/c the hot water still did not last. I was told that I should have called sooner if I thought they hadn't done anything, I told her I thought it was their job to leave a note stating what they had done in my apt. They said they needed to replace a part of the water heater and would be out the next day. Well, they came, and left a note this time, AND LEFT A MESS OF WATER IN THE BATHROOM. The guy that replaced the part forgot to change something that caused the pressure to build and the pipe next to the heater to explode. I had water soaked into the carpet leading into my bedroom and all over the bathroom. Called emergency maintenance again and told him the situation and asked how he planned to clean it up b/c it was a lot of water (it leaked into my neighbors bathroom too) and he said "uh paper towels". With these experiences and the tiny parking spaces, loud air conditioner (the one outside my window sounded like it had rocks stuck in it), and the rude manager in the leasing office I would not recommend living in these apartments. On top of all this they will not return my security deposit b/c of a stain in the carpet that was there when I moved in and noted on the walk through sheet. I would advise to take pictures of everything wrong before you move in as proof if you choose to live here b/c they are never open to negotiations and their decisions are final. I am so happy to be out of there and love my new apartment in the Castleton area! Good luck if you do choose this place.
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Meridian Lakes Apartments

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