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Meridian Lakes Apartments



Resident · 2010 - 2013
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Office Staff
they repainted these buildings this summer in attempt to draw in more residents. they sent residents a notice stating that painters would be painting the gutters and to remove anything that might break. now it is september and they still aren't done painting. i had over $75 worth of damage to my property because the entire balcony was spray painted with a machine. HELLO?!? plants die when you paint them. all management had to do was make a simple phone call and say "could you move your stuff." nope, they just paint over top of everything. oh, and did i mention the color is a disgusting 1970's beige. it looks horrible. you can't just paint on top of wood without treating the wood. i expect the paint to start chipping off this winter. i walk around the buildings and people hand their underwear off their balconies to dry. it looks so trashy. there was also a used tampon laying on the sidewalk, not to mention geese feces everywhere. there was also people having a barbecue in front of the building and playing corn hole/horseshoes and playing music as if the entire building was their frat house. i called the police one night when i saw a sketchy looking car driving around with it's headlights off and then sitting outside my window for an hour. i later found out that this is the apartment complex security guard. LMFAO! What?!?!?! Why?!?!? Why the hell is "security" driving without headlights. That is so stupid.
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Meridian Lakes Apartments

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