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Meridian Lakes Apartments



Resident · 2013 - 2016
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Office Staff
Lived here 3 yrs and it's a cheap but nice area. Gorgeous backyard views of ponds, trees, and wildlife. Old structures and upstairs neighbors are always very noisy. Currently a 100 lb college girl lives above me but it always sounds like a 400 pound gorilla is stomping around upstairs. I've been robbed twice while living here, both times by either their maintenance staff or by 3rd party contractors they hire to do work for them. Both times the property manager made me feel like either I was lying about it, it was somehow my fault, or that she couldn't be bothered with the safety concerns of the residents. Generally they don't make any necessary changes unless you reach out to Muesing Management, the owners. Case in point the parking space lines are nearly non existent and me and a few neighbors have complained many times. They refuse to repaint them and now I constantly find little dings on my brand new Kia I just bought because ppl don't know where to park. Maintenance staff is usually pretty fast but they are sometimes rude and appear to work A LOT to maintain this old place. Property manager Delana is rude and mean a lot. I've never gotten the feeling that she cares about the community or its residents. Just that she wants to relax and not be bothered by people's concerns. Most of rest of staff rotates a lot but are generally pleasant. There are usually pretty greasy neighbors around. Many times I've found drug paraphernalia outside my house, or trash laying around that nobody seems concerned about cleaning up. Many neighbors like to blast music so loud I can hear it clearly even with my windows down. There are no sidewalks or walking paths anywhere within miles so don't expect to be mobile w/o a car. There are bike lanes but traffic is bad here and not safe to ride a bike on roads.
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Meridian Lakes Apartments

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