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Justagal • Resident 2003 - 2007 Not Recommended
Reviewed 02/02/2007
When I moved into Murphy's Landing back in 2003, I loved the community. Nice area, quiet, maintenance was great on any issue, staff was wonderful.<br><br>In 2004, my apartment was broken into. Now, I've lived in what people would call ------ areas before and never had a problem, but in the middle of the day, the apartment was broken into, I had my collection of over 100 DVDs stolen. Management was pretty good about it; they came and redid my locks, checked up on me and such, and did mention that it was some kids out of school because I wasn't the only apartment hit.<br><br>Twice in 2006 my car was broken into. My friend's car was broken into as well. Management pretty much ignored the situation (this was three different occasions that it happened, as well) - and said, "Well it happens at complexes." No. It doesn't. First time ever I've had my car broken into anywhere. <br><br>Now let's go with the new maintenance staff. First off, the guy they have now constantly shows up reeking of cigarette smoke. The microwave went bad in late 2006, but no one informed me that they would just allow someone from another company in to fix it. So I get home from work and there s a man I don t know by himself in my apartment. Strike one. When there was a problem with mice somehow getting into my apartment (this year, just started) his reaction was, "Well all I can do is put a trap here." When I asked him to see if it might be a hole somewhere or some structure lose, he acted as if it was a personal insult for me to *ask* for him to deal with the situation. I keep an extremely clean apartment and have never had bug or mouse problems in the past. I know it's the cold driving them in, but still - to act put upon because you are asked to do your job? That's a great way to drive me off. The least he could have said was that he would definitely check on it and let me know if he found anything. Or taken a walk through the apartment to see where they might be coming in from.<br><br>The drunks wandering through at night are getting worse - and frequently I have had to call in complaints due to people fishing at night (11 pm - midnight, when I need to sleep). I don't mind them fishing at normal hours, even up til about 10 pm, but have some courtesy for the rest of us. There are two bars in walking distance, and Bubbaz mostly has had the drunks that come through and cause problems.<br><br>The look of the landscaping is getting worse. To solve some parking problems, they took the playground away and made a parking lot. They don't landscape nearly as much as they did in the past, and they used to clean the walkways between the apartments, which is no longer done. The lights outside of the apartment buildings or in the walkways are frequently out. <br><br>There are not enough dumpsters for the complex. Frequently, trash is overflowing and landing on the ground next to it. They either need to get more dumpsters or have it picked up twice a week. <br><br>The stove frequently sets off the fire alarm no matter how often I clean it or try to keep it from doing so. <br><br>When I found out my rent would be jumping to past 800/month, it was time to move out. The lack of professionalism from the maintenance staff (before they were quite professional, and personable) combined with all the other problems have made me want to leave, and quickly.<br>
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