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Nora Pines Apartments



Resident · 2008 - 2010
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Office Staff
People thaught it to be nice the thaught of living in Nora,AAAAAgh! WRONG!,They will lie to you about the rehab'd apartment's DONT belieave it,that's a LIE,what leasing will do is show you a rehab apartment and knowing there's only a small amount that Nora Pines has, they will try to convince you that the complex is beiing renovated,P.s check out the dumpster and the lie's about how Management is just reabbing the unit one at a time,it caught on fire,lol ,YEAH RIGHT!!,THAT'S A LIE,the leasing cut the ground's and keep the front of the omplex in tip top shape on the outside,to make it look like it's a decent comunity,once inside it's not so,it's on the Monon and near Nora Plaza, and Castleton Mall,but one only need's to drive around one evening to see the Drug's Crackhead's and all the kid's running around like roache's beiing unattended,the apartment's have busted plumbing,and a bad Mold problem,Manager will tell you how they are under new Management then explain it is going to take them awhile to work out the kink's,then be aware that there are many car break in's and kid's starting fire's,and Apartment break in's,IF AND I MEAN IF you call Maintainance they will cover up the problem because they are limited,everybody from Lake Nora have key's to the laundry and old resident's,anybody off the street can use it with a buddy that has a copied key,and also be aware that there are dumpster diver's so shred anything that may have your personal info on it,The favorite lie Management tell's is how they are working on security,LOL!..., but The Apartment's are in Many and I mean Many code's violation's,and resident's with Pitt Bull dog's on no leash .wait one of the lie's are breed restriction's Management doesnt care they just care about making$$$...Mover's Beware!!!!,This isnt an angry tennent, or an evicted person typing this,as some may Do,but Somone spilling the bean's about these SLUM LORD'S!, if you do move here you were warned so dont cry about it later.
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Nora Pines Apartments

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