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Nora Pines Apartments



Resident · 2007 - 2010
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Office Staff
The Vice Lords standing out on the corner daily will greet you as you enter these luxury apartments (you can recognize them because they stand by the 91st street entrance and all of them wear red). Last time we asked for a maintenance call to fix our door knob and give us a screen for our front window (which we never had since moving in 4 years ago) it took 4 months for the door knob to be fixed and no screen. This is also a place for romance; the nightly dumpster fires will guide your nightly stroll. During the day you'll be in the company of roving bands of kids that range in age from 2-9 in packs of 5-10 members with no adults in sight. The pool when I tried to use it last year had a serious chemical deficiency and the inevitable mouthful of water you get tasted distinctly of classic vintage roving child band urine. On the weekends listen to your neighbors entertain guests till 4-5 in the morning and hear such classics as "I'ma f**k dat b***h up she be runnin her mouf" or they may bust out this old chest nut "Ya I towld dat n***a do sumpthin". The bi-weekly alcohol induced brawl will provide you with free sports entertainment, you may even get a ring side seat. The break ins are actually worse in the apartment complexes surrounding this property; most likely because the majority of the dwellers of Nora Pines are armed and a more risky target for theft/break ins. I know from experience; I sleep with my .357 loaded and under my pillow every night. The neighborhood wasn't this bad when my mother lived here 8 years ago it was actually a some what decent neighborhood, times they are a changin'.
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Nora Pines Apartments

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