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Nora Pines Apartments



Resident · 2010 - 2013
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Office Staff
Please Read Before Considering.... Labor Day weekend 2013 I sold my car. I had the cash upstairs in my bedroom sitting on the dresser knowing that I would be taking it to the bank sometime that week. I had to make a maintenance call that same week. Obviously I am trusting enough to think when maintenance is called to do something DOWNSTAIRS that they won't be wandering UPSTAIRS for any reason. I was wrong. They did go upstairs. My money, needless to say, was gone. No one has a key to my home, I had no company between the time I got the money & the time it came up missing, & I did not misplace the money. I was told by the office manager that corporate was aware & would be contacting me and that they were all taking my situation very seriously. I haven't heard a word since. Second Incident: Dec 2013. Another situation occured in the DOWNSTAIRS part of my home that I needed maintenance to fix. When I got home the day maintenance was in my home, I noticed things were different in my bedroom UPSTAIRS. A flower vase & a shelf had been moved. An old cell phone was missing. These are facts, not opinions. I just want people to be aware of my story.
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Nora Pines Apartments

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