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Nora Pines Apartments



Resident · 2014
Rating Breakdown
Office Staff
I LOVE the area but HATE this place!! The staff is so unprofessional!! If you hate your job so much quit and find something else. I get that you need a job to pay your bills, but if you're going to work with the public learn to show some respect to your residence. They make sure they are paid on time because if you are late they will charge you a $75.00 late fee yes $75.00! even if you are only 1 day late. When it comes to them getting things fixed around your house they can never give you a specific date as to when they will be there. They give you a round about next week or the week after. Like really? Give me something more specific, I don't want your maintenance staff in my home when I am not there. I have heard way too many stories about the maintenance staff at this complex stealing from homes and what not. I mean to be honest some of them do look like they just got out of prison. I know you shouldn't judge someone by his or her looks but when it comes you being in my home alone while I am not there is a whole other story. The girls in the office are so disrespectful, I go in there to get a package that was delivered there for me and the lady says "oh no it's not here we haven't had any deliveries today." So of course I pull up the tracking information and see it was signed for by one of there employees and go back in there to tell her and she laughs and say hahahaha oh guess it is here. Like really? Was she trying to keep my package or something? Then when you call no one ever answers the phone, ever! And when you do leave a message they sure as hell don't call you back! Just do yourself a favor and do not move here. Don't get me wrong the price is really cheap especially for the area you are in, but this complex has turned into lots and lots of section 8. Kids out all night, loud, trash every where. This complex is going downhill and turning into trash! If you can by any means consider moving somewhere else, somewhere you will be treated like a person rather than just a rent check each month and they could careless about who you are. My lease will be up in a couple more months and I am moving, I cannot wait!!!
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Nora Pines Apartments

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