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Nora Pines Apartments



Resident · 2014 - 2015
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Office Staff
PLEASE DO NOT MOVE HERE!!! I AM WARNING YOU, YOU WILL REGRET NORA PINES! I am a current tenant, and I moved in here September 2014. I've had constant problems since the day I moved in. The apartment they showed me was not the apartment I moved into, or else I never would have come here. My kitchen sink was leaking, bathroom sink was clogged, light fixtures didn't work in the living room, dishwasher looked like it had never ever been cleaned (old brown water and dirt and build up sat in there and you could smell the stench without even opening the door), my carpet was not cleaned, my kitchen sinks had no plugs or drainers, my vents were not clean, there was a dead bug in my coat closet, my bathroom drawers were full of someone's hair, the blinds in my son's room were not secured and fell anytime touched! And this was all the day I moved in! It took them three months to come to my apartment and fix all that stuff, and it's only because I threatened to call the property owner! Since then, I've learned of the bed bugs and roaches that live here. I had to throw away a bunch of food that I really couldn't afford to waste, all because I found roaches in my cabinets. I literally go to the store almost every day just to avoid having to store much... I kept getting bit by what I thought might be spiders, since I saw a few after I moved in, but last week I woke up to an actual BED BUG crawling on my blanket on the pallet I slept on on the floor that night... Please see the pictures I posted! The third picture is of water damage from a leak in the roof, and maintenance finally stopped the leak but left the damage. I tried to paint over it because it looked so bad, but you can still see it... But nothing beats the bed bugs! The proof is in the pudding! Or in this case, the proof is in the Pines... Nora Pines! I reported this to management and have not heard from anyone since and no one has bothered to come to my apartment and do anything about it. I called the owner again this morning. This is ridiculous! Please spare yourselves! The staff is incompetent and they don't give a crap about you after you sign that lease! It's amazing how fast you'll see attitudes change. Trust me. And the complex looks nice from the outside, but you'll never know what it's really like till you live here. It's bad. My two year old has asthma, and is forced to inhale the cigarette smoke that comes through our vents from the neighbors. And walls are very thin here! You can literally hear everything! And the laundry room is tiny! There are only three washers (only two of them work) and four dryers (only three work) and the whole entire complex has to share this! Go figure! They also allow people to walk their pets without leashes. A huge golden retriever almost charged my son the other day when we were approaching our apartment, the dog I guess smelled my son's happy meal and wanted the chicken nuggets...
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Nora Pines Apartments

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