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Park View at Beech Grove



Resident · 2016
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Office Staff
I am really upset with Park View Apartments today, if I am paying 921.00 a month for rent I expect a certain quality of living and amenities from the office staff and maintenance. To get anything fixed takes forever and several trips to the office. I was told when we moved in my front door would be replaced because it was not safe. I finally got tired of the excuses and call the Marion County Health Department the apartments fixed the door the day after they came out, so finally that was taken care of. It is a shame when you have to feel unsafe in your home. Also I am not going to lie do to a mix up with my sons check in August and both cars breaking down threw us behind on rent. The office pretty much refused to work with us at all. Anything past the 12th an eviction would be filed. In September we asked if we could pay it on the 14th and not gert charged court fees and they said no, this just put us further behind and it was another week before we could pay rent. So when we paid the rent plus an electric bill in September we had to pay 1600+ I finally called the Franklin Township small claims court on the 12th and found out that the apartments charged us court and attorney fees but they never filed in court, because of this I contacted the attorney for ParkView and paid 224.00 less on my rent for October we were finally able to pay the rent on the 12th which catches us up. Make no mistake these apartments do not care about their residents the only thing they care about is the almighty dollar. I am considering putting a petition together and have anyone who has had a legitimate complaint against Park View to sign the petition. If you have had a problem please PM me with your name, address and phone number. If you want to remain anonymous because you afraid of retaliation that is fine. If we all stand together maybe we can accomplish something. I know for sure what your told about the rules, rent or anything else varies on the day who you talk to because there is absolutely no consistency. Also some apartments are being sprayed for bed bugs and roaches, which is only going to chase them into an apartment that has not been sprayed. Personally, if I see any bed bugs or roaches in my apartment I will be moving and Parkview will be replacing anything I have to throw out because of bugs. I really do not understand why they would not want to help their tenants out as much as possible and keep them for years to come I can tell you now after the way we have been treated the lies we were told that we will not be staying once our lease is up. Also the current office staff is much better than the old office staff and I know their hands are tied by coporate office who only cares about the bottom line dollar. I would not reccomend anyone to lmove into this community
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Park View at Beech Grove

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