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Park View at Beech Grove



Resident · 2015 - 2017
Rating Breakdown
Office Staff
When I first moved here in 2015, it was fine. Maintenance was great staff were good. Before I knew it there was new management and staff. Horrible mistake. Consistency is 0 they never remember what they told you, they LIE, and they tell you what you want to hear in order to get you off the phone. They charge pet rent yet they have NO dog area or poop bags so you always have to watch your step. The rent is raised sometimes multiple times a month and nothing new is happening for the Parkview community. The "park" is a joke, there are kids EVERYWHERE. Big, little, and babies. The kids will not move for you if you're driving by, you have to wait or try and go around and pray another kid doesn't jump out in front of your car!! Parking is HORRIBLE which makes people territorial over parking spots. Residents smoke marijuana all day and after multiple complaints to the office nothing has changed so I guess I'll have to call BGPD. They are fixing the roofs and the workers WHISTLED at me as I bent into my trunk gathering grocery, kids sit on your stairs and litter, smoke pot, and play around very loudly and the worst part is they come from the back of the apartments to hide from their parents while they do their dirt. The maintenance lied and said he fixed a issue I had at my apartment and I had to go back and fourth with the office because they believed him due to him turning in the work order. FINALLY he came and I had to put him in his place for lying. I once saw a resident going into their apartment carrying a pistol with children outside playing. I've witnessed what I suspected to be drug transactions as well. The rent is nowhere near worth what we put up with. To top it off there is no "community center" and they don't want people to know that they can do laundry in the office, as a matter of fact they don't want residents in there PERIOD! I've seen them roll their eyes and huff under their breath at residents behind their backs. The office was bragging about how upscale the office is now that it's been renovated while residents still have bedbugs and roaches. It's a complete joke and I would recommend NO ONE. I will be moving once my lease is up. This has scared me from wanting another apartment. Whatever you do, do not come out here unless it's absolute last resort. Please trust my review. Sorry so long.
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Park View at Beech Grove

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