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Postbrook East Apartments



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Office Staff
Resident 1999 - 2007 Not Recommended
Reviewed 01/11/2007
ms tammie (the previous manager for 10 yr)had that place in order. i have been a resident for 12 years, this is the WORST i ever seen postbrook. postbrook now is off the hook. i guess the new management is trying to turn things around by getting some white women in there. yeah RIGHT, try again. But you know what? its not the race, its how those new people act towards me, but i'm not the first person to say that? They talk to us like ----. they given this two months rent free and ----, yeah like this is really good. But I don't even see those people being there no longer than 6 months and the next thing the residents look up its going to be a new manager again.<br>One day I called the manager and told her about the SHOTING inside of my building. Yeah I said SHOTING, if you didn't hear the first time. (too damn BAD to live here) But anywayz, I called the new manager and asked what was she going to do because if she didn't do anything to them, then i was getting ready to move out, even though i have been living inside of my apartment for several years. That manager didn't do anything, their not going to be satisfied til someone gets HURT and thats sad to say. They're all about everyone paying their rent on time and ----, but don't even take in to what their reliable-tenants have to say. "the black neighbor hood is going down and especially postbrook. it reminds me of the damn Meadows Apts." God bless the young black girl in the office, she's probably going to be out of here next."<br><br>*AND ONE MORE THING, THE BUGS OVER HERE ARE TERRIBLE, SECTION 8 WILL PROBABLY START DENING NEW TENANTS FROM MOVING OVER here.<br><br>*GOOD LUCK TO THE MAINTENANCE STAFF, WHY DON'T THE JUST TEAR POSTBROOK DOWN AND REDO ALL OF THE APTS OVER.
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Postbrook East Apartments

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