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River Ridge at Keystone



Resident · 2020
Rating Breakdown
Office Staff
NOT WORTH THE COST! This is by far the most we've ever paid in rent and also the most issues we've ever had with an apartment. Those two things should not coincide. Here's what we've dealt with: Maintenance issues: 1. When we moved in: A. The carpet in the master bedroom was soaking wet for some reason. B. The garbage disposal didn't work. C. One of the doors wouldn't shut all the way. D. The screen in one of the windows was broken. E. The carpet was pulled up in front of the back door. F. The blinds on the patio door were broken. G. And there is a fruit fly infestation that they think is coming from the plumbing. Now granted, they did fix all of these issues in a timely manner. But I think they should've put a little more effort into making sure the apartment was in good condition before we moved in. 2. Since we've been here (3 months): A. The pipes under the kitchen sink have come undone twice and leaked all over our kitchen floor due to the pipes being installed backwards. They say there's nothing they can do about it and "just try not to bump them or they'll come loose again" B. The furnace was constantly short cycling when we started using it for the cold season. It took 3 weeks, but they finally got it fixed thank God. C. The pipes in the master bathroom vibrate very loudly half the time we take a shower. 3. Inadequate parking. My roommate works nights and by the time she gets home there are no spots near our building so she has to park a couple buildings down. 4. Their trash valet service is very inconvenient. They charge $20 a month and half the time they don't even pick it up. Also you're required to sit your trashcan outside with the trash which means you have to find somewhere else to put the trash you accumulate during that time. We keep ours on our table. Not sanitary, but we have a 1 year old so the floor is not an option. And when they forget, you can go days without a trashcan. Also they only pick up on certain days and you have to set it out during a specific 2 hour window. On a positive note: Most of the staff is friendly. The pool is nice. And the fitness center is adequate.
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River Ridge at Keystone

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