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9250 Kungsholm Drive

Indianapolis, IN 46250



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Jenna250 • Resident 2019 Not Recommended
Reviewed 03/13/2019
The staff at Scandia Apartments are a bunch of slum lords. They literally took advantage of that I was young & looking for a place while in another state. I moved to Indiana, all the way from California for Nursing school and wanted to live in a clean, safe area. You would think Fishers would have nice homes everywhere - but nope. I signed the lease without viewing the place first because I was still in California (silly of me). Let me say that the pictures online are completely misleading and edited. When I moved in, I noticed that the unit (Dannenberg 870 sqft 1 bedroom/1.5 bathrooms with a fireplace) was much smaller than the pictures everything was old and not built very well. Only thing that was new was the carpet (which had a lot of bugs), and maybe the kitchen appliances. The place wasn't clean at all and I found dead bugs in the kitchen, my bedroom, and in the living room. I didn't feel like I was at home and I was both sad and scared to be living in such a place - stuck in a 12 month lease. The units are extremely overpriced and while maintainence is quick to fix things, they half---- it most of the time. The amenities are nice at least (pool, gym, tennis etc.) but you are still living in poor conditions. I moved in right before summer and my AC didn't work for a while, on top of that I had a BUG PROBLEM for most of the time. They kind of went away over the summer, but came back twice as hard during winter. It literally took me 7 months to realize that the bugs were coming from THE FIREPLACE the entire time. One night, I lit my fireplace and a swarm of flying-roach looking bugs flew in. Words can't describe how terrified and stressed I was. Emotionally devastated and felt disgusted in my own home. When I called the manager, they told me I'd have to wait a few days for someone to come and patch up my fireplace. There was no way I was waiting, so I used my own money and time to patch it up myself. There is also a roach infestation in the laundry room. I came in one day to wash and there were roaches in the washer and all over the ground. I complained and it took them a week to clean it up. I don't know how I've survived living here. My lease is about to be up in a few weeks and I'm estatic. They tried to ask me to renew my lease but there is no way in hell I would suffer for another year. I don't want anyone else to suffer like I have - it's literally effected my stress and school performance for a couple months. This is not a good place for students or families at all - don't waste your money or risk your safety. I'm not saying all of the units are like this, but just make sure to avoid any unit on Kungsholm Drive, you will regret living there. I've learned a few things from living here: Don't sign a lease without viewing the place, always have a washer/dryer in your unit, and don't choose a unit with a wood fireplace - only electric. I wish that I could have had nice things to say about Scandia, but management makes no effort to give residents a good experience. Clean your units, fix the infrastructure, and upgrade things that are clearly 100 years old. Doors shouldn't have holes or be hanging off the hinge smh. Oh, and fire your maintenance because they don't know how to clean or fix things. Even with my fireplace taped up now, I still see dead bugs sometimes, esp. where my glass sliding door is, they're clearly crawling in from there too.
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