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Shadeland Court



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Nasghoul • Resident 1999 - 2000 Not Recommended
Reviewed 10/13/2005
during my 4 month stay here, I was shot at while crossing the courtyard during a drug deal gone bad. A longtime resident took me in and told me that that place is very gang oriented, you're red or blue and white was the wrong color to be in that place, I was marked automatically when I moved in and was told this by a resident, that I needed to move out quickly. I often heard gunshots at night, and two rival gangs had a little "scuttle" in the parking lot leaving several cars full of bullets. The apartment I was shown was not the one I moved into, bait and switch tactics employeed, I was told I must have been mistaken, the apartment I was given was the only one avaliable at that time. I later learned they don't rent out the updated nice showey apartment. I paid my rent and moved out 4 months into my lease after being shot at, my compalints to the management about illegal activity were not taken seriously. I was told I was out of my element. "welcome to the city country girl." This apartment is in the ------, and they like living that way, so let them...stay away, if you must have ------ go for it, but be warned! I hope this place falls apart around all their ears! From the way it looked last time i drove by, it just might.
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Shadeland Court

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