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Somerset Lakes Apartments

3202 East 76th Street

Indianapolis, IN 46240



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Office Staff
Resident 2013 Recommended
Reviewed 08/05/2013
I have lived here for about six months now and my husband and I love the view! We use our huge patio almost every day and our neighbors are super nice. It is in a great location and the amenities are nice too. However, there are a few cons to living here so far though..for one, parking is a big issue. We are a two car family and they only allow us to have one parking space. We have to fight for other spaces close to our home and this is troublesome with groceries and things. Another big issue we have had lately is maintenance. We have had a broken dryer in our home for over four weeks and have had to call six times to even get someone in to look at it. RIDICULOUS! They have still yet to come and when I called to nicely ask AGAIN the staff told me to be patient and "calm down" that it would get done. We'll see.. There is no reason it should take four weeks to get someone here to fix things. When we have had maintenance issues in the past they typically come within two weeks..which is still too long and then they just barge right into your home without even checking if you are home first. My husband was in the shower one day and had to ask staff to leave! So rude. I am praying that we just don't ever need a reason to call them again. It is a huge hassle and waste of time. Might as well hire someone to actually do a good job and be efficient. I don't know if we will be signing a lease here again in the future..
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Somerset Lakes Apartments

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