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Southport Crossing



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Office Staff
Resident 1990 - 1992 Not Recommended
Reviewed 02/03/2015
I lived here as a child (1988-1992) and based on current ratings and a close friend who recently revisited the complex after decades away, it seems that management has changed and the name, but nothing else. It's the same HELL HOLE it was all those years ago! Same issues. Basement flooding, mold, AC issues, ------ maintenance, etc. It was a HORRIBLE place to grow up. Lots of gang and drug activity, break-in and crime in general. The attics are connected (or were anyway) so we had someone break in that way, straight into my bedroom. I was 10. People knew when my parents left and would bang on the doors to terrorize me. My mom was beaten during an attempted robbery while they held my dad at gunpoint. There were 2 murders in the time I was there, one being the life guard at the pool who had a pregnant wife at the time. Stabbed to death. Another guy wasn't found until we could smell him from outside his townhouse. I'm in my 30s and have nightmares about this place. Nothing has changed. STAY AWAY and do better for your kids than my parents did for me!!!
Southport Crossing Manager11/16/2017

Hello, Thank-you for your feedback. While I have no knowledge of what happened decades ago, I certainly sympathize with your experiences. My company purchased this property in May of 2015. We have spent a tremendous amount of money in renovating this community and it looks so much better that it did previously to us purchasing it. We are currently renovating the apartments and they look so much better. We have a much more strict screening process for our new residents and we want good neighbors. Thanks, Ken

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Southport Crossing

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