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1451 E. Southport Road, Indianapolis, IN 46237
1451 E. Southport Road, Indianapolis, IN 46237

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Southport Crossing



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sk0465781 • Resident 2014 - 2015 Not Recommended

Reviewed 05/08/2015

The prices are good and the maintenance is fast, and the apartment is decent for the price. All the bad lies completely with the management. I have lived here 8 months and ------- (mgr) and ----- (office) were totally incompetent from the beginning. They tried to charge me an extra month before I even moved in. I reached out to their boss who straightened out their mess, so I was willing to go ahead and move in. Finally about 4mo ago ------- was replaced by ----------. I'm not quite sure how ---------- is the manager of anything, and would think twice about giving her a job mopping floors. The first time I "met" her, her son was jumping around the office like it was Chuck E Cheese, drinking and spilling the lemonade set out for new tenants. I only found out that this was her unruly child because he was screaming Mommy! Mommy! I would suggest she get a sitter, or at least sit him down with something to do. As I waited 15min to be helped, I listened to ---------- talking so rudely and demeaning to a tenant, that the tenant left in tears. When she was finally free, I asked her to help me, she rudely said "One of them will" and went back to what she was doing (still while her son ran around jumping on everything). I waited another 10 min for ----- to tell me they could do nothing to help and I would have to come back tomorrow. I recently again wasted time out of my life I can't get back, talking to ----------. She clearly has a miserable life and needs to spread it around. She was rude, snide, and tried to be intimidating and condescending, but came off like a bratty little girl with a chip on her shoulder..with ----- as her goofy sidekick. Clearly whoever is hiring these people forgot that this is a business and must not think much of the tenants that keep them in business. I can see why they have issues filling the vacancies when you have grade school drop outs running the place. I planned on staying another year, but I will be out of here ASAP.
Southport Crossing Manager05/08/2015

Dear, Ms. Summers Alexandria White is a Certified Apartment Manager (CAM) through the National Apartment Association, and joined Tuscan Pointe's team after a 3-hour interview, background check and successful management post at other sites in Ohio and Indiana. Alexandria is an industry award winning Property Manager and more than qualified to manage the operations at Tuscan Pointe. You've discussed your issues with our Director of Operations, however; if you have other unresolved issues, please feel free to visit the office and Kory, Miranda or Alexandria will be happy to assist you.

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Southport Crossing

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