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Southport Crossing



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Haley_M691 • Resident 2017 Not Recommended
Reviewed 12/28/2017
I moved in march 2017 first we were told multiple times our apartment was ready,when it was not. We were told via voice mail that I still have on my phone that they found mold under the carpets and we couldn't move in on time because they were replacing the carpets. Come time to move in - we get the keys and are told we can move in . We walk in to a disaster . Trash from the last tenants , nasty floors , CARPETS were not changed bc there was stuff from the last tenants all over the place . We called they lied and sent out a cleaning company would did a half assed job. Left a TV and trash in the backyard stains on my bathroom tile carpets hardly cleaned . We had to put so much into Depp cleaning the place that it wasn't worth the amount of rent we paid . Our light switches have been broken since day 1 we've called they never fixed it. Had to call 4 times for then to replace our water heater , we had termites at one point and they,did nothing so WE had to buy stuff to exterminate them even though we pay for exterminators in our rent . Then my final straw was I go to talk to a manager about getting out of my lease early bc my fiance lost his job and my job is moving me to crawfordsville in feb. And our lease is up middle or March . They at we have to give a 90 day notice.. well I didn't get a 90 day notice my fiance was going to get laid off and in my lease it says to try to come to a mutual agreement and this woman just shrugged me off and didn't even try to work toward an agreement . I'm misreble here we can't afford it and now will have an eviction on us as we can't pay rent for over 1 month when I can't drive out to my new job and my fiance lost his from all the problems you'd think they'd be understanding . Terrible do not move here.
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Southport Crossing

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